Sunday, July 19, 2009

5 Weeks Old!

Well the triplets are 5 weeks old and doing great! We had our first Dr. visit and the babies were so good they are very healthy and growing like little weeds. Carter is still the heaviest coming in at 6 pounds 9 ounces and 19 1/4 inches, Noah is next at 6 pounds and 6 ounces at 19 1/2 inches and then our little Emma at 5 pounds 11 ounces and 17 3/4 inches. They are in the 5 percentile of term babies and they were only  4 weeks old at the time. 

Carter is so sweet and very laid back he hardly cries and is always content to sit in the swing or bouncy and look at the toys hanging down. He is a great eater and loves to take walks outside. Noah is our little snuggle bug he loves to curl up on your chest and put his head in your neck. He is a little higher maintenance than the other two but we don't mind he is so alert and is always smiling up at you and making some really cute little noises. Emma is all girl and really does not like the swing or the bouncy she would prefer to cuddle up next to us in our bed or be rocked to sleep in your arms. 

We went for our first road trip this past week to Old Town Spring to get their newborn pictures taken and they were so good they love to ride in the car and slept so good the whole way their and back. True Expressions Photography took the pictures and they were so adorable I can't wait to get them back. 

Our typical week is spent in the nursery taking care of our little boogers we added a TV and cable since we came to the conclusion we would probably not be leaving the room much for the next few months. The babies eat every 4 hours and eat about 4 oz of formula so we make 16 bottles a day and still are going through about 24 diapers a day and a package of wet wipes about every 2 days. They usually sleep in between feeding for the most part but sometimes we spend a few hours taking care of a fussy baby that doesn't want to go to sleep. For the most part they are really good and are very happy babies. Mom and Dad are getting a little sleep deprived but we try to give each other at least 2 nights a week each of a 6-7 hour night of rest so we get recharged. We make a good team and have figured out the tricks of managing three infants on your own. 

We are so thankful for all of our helpers that come and give us some relief throughout the week and also for all of the people form our church and our friends that have brought dinner to us we would not be eating if it wasn't for you. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our First Week!

Well we have made it through our first week with them home. We have been blessed with really sweet and good babies that enjoy eating and sleeping! They have been so good I think they are easing us into the parenting thing and saving up all of the crying for when we get really tired :)! We have been sharing the feedings at night which has been working out pretty well allowing us both to get some sleep. The eat every three hours so 2am, 5am, 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm and 11pm. It takes about an hour and a half to change and feed all three babies and sometimes longer if they struggle getting back to sleep. Justin has gone back to work so he helps with the 5pm and does the 8pm when he gets home and does the 5am before he leaves for work. I go to sleep around 9pm and get up for the 11pm then go back to sleep at 3:30am and get up for the 8am. We just hired Maggie, a family friend, to help on Sunday and Tuesday nights she is going to do the 8pm and 11pm so we can really get some sleep those two nights. Our church Clear Creek Community has been wonderful and bringing dinner twice a week which has and is going to continue to be a huge lifesaver. We are so busy throughout the day that eating is the last thing you think about doing so when someone hands you a hot meal you remember to eat. We have had lots of visitors and just want everyone to know we definitely want to see everyone and want everyone to meet the babies but our Doctors have been very strict about not allowing anyone over that has been sick or around anyone that has been sick within a week and also to make sure everyone washes their hands and uses antibacterial gel before handling the babies. Also they have said no kids for a few months until the babes get more mature and have a more developed immune system. I went for my follow-up appointment with Dr. Adam and I have lost over 45 pounds so far which I was excited about. I have at least 10 more to go and I need to start doing some serious sit-ups to try and get this stomach back to normal but I am in no rush to start working out yet. I am still suffering some muscle atrophy from being on such confined bed rest but overall I feel so much stronger than I thought I would at this point.  We do have a Care Calender and if you wan to to come and help please take a look and sign-up for whenever works for you. 

The care calendar sign on is

ID: 17877

Security Code: 1890


Our First Week

Friday, June 26, 2009

Their Home!

Well all three babies are home! Noah and Carter came home Thursday and Emma came home today. Our first night with the boys home was so great we finally get to enjoy them and get to really see what they are all about. Justin did the 12am feeding and the 6am and I did the 3am so we both got about 6 hours of sleep and it was not too bad. Tonight will be our first night with all three so we are not sure how well it will go with one person feeding all three. Justin and I love having them home and it is so great seeing them all together again. We already do 2 loads of laundry a day and go through 24 diapers at least each day which is just the beginning. They eat every three hours and all eat 30 minutes apart so needless to say sleep will be not existent in our house for a few months.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

36 weeks!

The babies have grown so much and are doing fantastic we could not ask for anything more. Emma is now 4 pounds 5 ounces and Noah is 5 pounds and Carter is 5 pounds 1.4 ounces. They are all so different and have already shown their personalities. Emma is fiesty and already knows how to get what she wants. Noah is the flirt and a people person just like dad i, he is always looking at everything that is going on and is way to busy to take a bottle. Carter is so laid back and I think would sleep all day if we did not wake him up to eat. They are all so good and really don't cry much unless they are really hungry. Carter is in an open crib and will most likely be home by this Friday and Emma and Noah will not be far behind probably by the end of the week. We cannot wait to get them all home, we know it will be hard but it is still going to be so great raising all three of them. 

34 weeks Delivery Day!

Well the day has finally arrived and what a road we have traveled to get here! Justin and I both cannot believe we made it to 34 weeks it is amazing what the power of prayer can do! So many friends and family came to support us and it felt so good to feel all of the love and support before going into surgery. The whole process of getting an epidural and having the surgery went by so quick the entire process was only about 40 minutes and I was in recovery. Dr. Adam was fantastic she has all the babies out in 1.5 minutes and they were all fine. Emma came first at 3 pounds 11 ounces and 16 inches, then came Noah at 4 pounds 11.3 ounces and 17 inches and finally Carter at 4 pounds 11.3 ounces and 17.5 inches. They all breathed room air and the apgar scores were all perfect and the babies were very healthy with no issues. I was in recovery for about 2 hours and felt fine and was anxious to see my new sweet babies the proud Dad took a video of them al being weighed and measured and was so proud of his new children. We feel so blessed to have been given three gifts from God and all of them healthy and strong is just a miracle. God is great and we are proof that miracles still happen!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

33 Weeks!

We have 1 week exactly to go before birth day and I just realized I will be home very soon YEAH!!! Our spirits have definitely changed since we are in the home stretch and know we are headed home soon and will be having some healthy babies. I have grown so attached to some of the nursing staff and look at many of them as my friends so I will miss seeing them every day but I am so excited to see my puppies and get back to the normal day to day things you have to do. We have been struggling with what type of help we are going to need if we should hire a night nanny or a day helper or anything at all. The anticipation of taking three little babies home has started to become overwhelming. We have no idea what to expect except for no sleep, tons of diaper changes and more bottles than we can even imagine. We know it will all work out and the most important thing is that they are healthy and we can take them home soon after delivery. Please keep us in your prayers for 3 healthy babies and a healthy delivery. There have been so many people praying for us and all of those prayers have been answered and got us to this amazing milestone and we thank you so much. Our endeavor is only just starting and three little faces are about to enter our world and completely change the way we live our lives. How exciting! We are so excited to meet them and know there are going to be lots of tears on the 11th when Dr. Adam pulls them out of me, we cannot wait to hear those three little cries. The babies will go straight to the NICU 2 from delivery unless there are issues they will go to NICU 3 so nobody can see them until they get discharged from the hospital. They do roll the babies by the waiting room after delivery so if you are here you get a brief look at them but other than that only grandparents and parents are allowed into the NICU. We are hoping and praying they will have a short stay usually they keep babies until they reach 5 lbs, are 36 weeks gestational age and can maintain their own body temperature. So we are thinking they will probably be here 2 weeks as long as they are feeders and growers and don't have any set backs. We will post pictures of the delivery and the babies as soon as we can and try to keep everyone updated on their progress through this blog. Thank you again for everyone's support and continued prayers.